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I really do try to keep updating this site but hey, life gets in the way. Anyway, here is a poem that was written as an introduction to the February meeting of the Blackpool Horror Society. This is a frist draft so do forgive some of the forced rhyming couplets. Enjoy.

A library is a spooky place,
Full of wonder, filled with grace.
Books than span across the shelves,
History lurks, it penetrates ourselves.

Ghosts of the dead within the pages,
Clawing to get free, their eagerness rages.
We open the cover, adventure begins,
The wonder, excitement, seven deadly sins.

The words they take us, to worlds beyond,
Wolfmen, Vampires, and Zombies are spawned.
Screams and Screeches explode in our head,
Blood and viscera signal the end, no, the dead.

We enjoy the scare, the fright, the terror,
Navigating the plot we are the wayfarer.
Reaching the end, we did it without bleeding
without further ado welcome to the Horror Meeting.