• Mikey
    This may come across as a cliche, and to some it probably is, but I’ve never had the urge to write a poem for another person before. Anyway, I wrote this poem for my boyfriend Mikey. He loved it and whilst it’s personal he has agreed to let me publish it. I hope you enjoy … Read more
  • I Stand Alone
    I Stand Alone by Simon Jay I wrote this during a seminar. It’s about the physical pain chronic pain sufferers have to go through daily, and what the future may hold. I stand alone in the darkWaiting for the day to comeSweet is the sound of the larkThe light it would be welcome The black … Read more
  • Tom Foolery – The Great Realisation
    One of the most interesting modern day poets is Tomos Roberts. Born in New Zealand Tomos now lives in the U.K.Going by the name Tom Foolery, he instilled hope in people all around the world with his poem ‘The Great Realisation’ during the Corona Virus crisis. ‘Tell me the one about the virus again. Then … Read more