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This may come across as a cliche, and to some it probably is, but I’ve never had the urge to write a poem for another person before. Anyway, I wrote this poem for my boyfriend Mikey. He loved it and whilst it’s personal he has agreed to let me publish it. I hope you enjoy reading it too.

by Simon Jay


The day my world changed forever,
I opened the app, thinking it won’t be clever.
The Icon it shone and a number beamed,
Someone had messaged, or so it seemed.

I clicked on the one, that singular number,
Not expecting much, just the usual slumber.
I’d sent a mad, long, message you see,
To a boy I thought as quirky as me.

A last ditch attempt to find some love,
At my time of life feels heaven above.
So many false faces to shove on the pile,
But his was different, a genuine smile.

I clicked on the message, curious, intrigued,
I smiled at his answer, not short or fatigued.
It appears I’d surprised him, he didn’t expect,
Someone to message with genuine respect.

We chatted briefly, messages friendly and fun,
Testing the water to see if it could run.
It soon was apparent we had to move on,
He gave me his Facebook, things had begun.

We chatted for hours but then it would crash,
I gave him my number and we made the dash.
Now. on WhatsApp, It all opened up,
Chatting for hours, coffee in a  cup.

Becoming so comfortable in each other’s aura,
We started swapping pics, oh god, bloody Nora.
My tension it rose eyes not looking forward,
Worried I’d failed and he’d head shoreward.

But his face said it all, and in that minute,
I knew he could be the one, he’s so sweet.
His coyness and truth, they really attract,
I hold myself back, desperate to act.

This boy out of nowhere, spun things around,
I no longer feel alone, a future abound.
So Mikey you beauty, to you I say this,
Thank you for giving me this moment of bliss.

As things move forward, we two entwined.
Our journey takes us, to somewhere kind.
I hope this, whatever it is, does not sever,
This is the day my world changed forever.