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Boris Johnson

Clap for Bankers the same way we do for Nurses. That’s what Boris Johnson has told the nation.

During his speech to the nation in Dudley, Johnson, looking like a cross between the Cowardly Lion and the Brainless Scarecrow, laid out his plan to get the country building. He promised to tear up planning regulations and invest £5bn in infrastructure projects.

He said “My Friends – I am not a communist. I believe it also the job of government to create the conditions for free-market enterprise.” He added “Yes of course we clap for our NHS – but under this government, we also applaud those that make our NHS Possible.” You would be forgiven for thinking that Johnson was about to honour the thousands of people who have kept the country going throughout the crisis.

You would have been wrong. Johnson continued “Our innovators, our wealth-creators, our capitalists, our financiers.”

Johnson is showing his true colours. The plebs have done their job. Sacrificed themselves for the wealthy. Now is the time to get on and make money.

We are still in the grips of the Coronavirus, yet Johnson and Co(rrupt) ignore the deaths and the poverty caused by their mishandling and ask for us to honour the wealthy.

Child Poverty

This is typical, not just of Johnson’s government, but of all Tory government’s throughout history. Sacrifice the poor for the rich. And we fall for it time and time again.

Since the reign of Margaret Thatcher we have been told that wealth is the key for a happy life. What she didn’t tell us was the quest for that ‘happiness’ leaves in it’s wake the suffering of others. The poverty this country currently suffers is something Johnson would rather we didn’t focus on.

So when he asks for us to clap for bankers. I say ‘piss off! You Tory wankers.’