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The Science.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts across social media asking why entertainment has currently been banned.

I just thought I’d share with you the reason.

For the past couple of months, scientists have been running data models, trying to ascertain the ways in which this virus can be spread. What they discovered is, apart from touch, the easiest way to spread it is through water droplets.

Virus Spread

As we breathe out we produce water vapour. The more we force that air out the further the vapour is spread. Because the very nature of entertainment increases natural volume, the fear is this will cause people to talk louder. Maybe even shout. This will cause water vapour to travel further, and possibly spread the virus easier.

It is the case with vocalists. Singing is controlled shouting. It’s forcing air from the lungs across the vocal chords to produce a controlled pitch. The best vocalists can do this without moving, or extinguishing, a flame on a candle. Many cannot, and this is the danger.

Rather than make things complicated the whole industry has been asked to be patient and wait a while longer.

That’s the science and reason out of the way. Now it’s time for the politics. BoZo and Co(rrupt) have deluded themselves into believing that opening the pubs and asking them to only play background music at a low level, and not to show sports, that could invite shouting, on the TV, is safe.

Wake up BoZo! What do you think is going to happen when the first goal in a match is scored? Oh, that’s right, the supporters will casually put a fist into the air in civilized, silent triumph. That’s what we Brits are famous for. Our self-control and humility. People won’t get drunk, and forget that BoZo would much rather we stayed quiet, whilst downing the 20th shot. And of course, they won’t hurl abuse at the bar staff when they are asked to pipe down.

But what? I hear you ask, does this have to do with entertainment. Well, BoZo knows full well that we won’t keep our traps shut once pint number 3 has slid its way down, and we’ve spotted goal 4 hitting the back of the net. What BoZo and Co(rrupt) have done is take a gamble. Pubs Vs Entertainment. They’d have us believe it’s a balancing act. This is true. But not in the sense we think. It’s a balancing act between Johnson’s popularity, his donors, and Tory backbenchers. He believes that those in the entertainment industry should get proper jobs. He believes they are unskilled workers. He said so in one of his many columns as a journalist. But the real reason is a financial one. If he keeps the pubs closed the furloughing scheme will be hit in a big way.

The economy will also suffer hugely when pubs start closing and unemployment shoots up.

On the other hand, a lot of those in the entertainment industry were, and are, unable to access the self employment grant scheme. This is due to a clause stating the self-employed had to have earned 3 months prior to the claim. As a majority of the industry is freelance, with months in-between jobs, it means many aren’t eligible.This is cheaper for the government. Keep entertainment closed but open the pubs. Keep the plebs happy and force the freelance freeloaders into ‘real’ jobs! Trouble is Johnson wouldn’t know a real job if it jumped up and slapped him around the face. So I’m helping a friend, Sue Denning. We’re producing a video. She’s going to make some noise and bring it to the attention of Oliver Dowden. So when you see her video on here, Twitter, YouTube, and anywhere else her daughter can post it. Share the shit out of it and let’s help those who need it!

Our ‘World-beating entertainment industry’ needs you!