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Social Distancing

Social distancing measures are about to become a thing of the past in the UK. BoZo and Co(rrupt) have long awaited the day when science tells them they can slap each other on the back again. But is the decision ‘really’ based on science? Apparently not.

Many scientists in the UK, and indeed across the world, are warning against the easing of social distancing too soon. There is huge risk of a second wave occurring. One that could be more devastating than the first. Our government would have you believe they have done a good job, The death toll is currently 42,461. Something the prime minister said he is proud of.

Bozo and Co(rrupt) need to get the economy moving. The only way they can effectively do this is by relaxing social distancing measures. They would have us believe they make decisions based on ‘science’ yet there are no scientists on hand to tell us this. Scientists and health officials no longer appear during. Thankfully they began to understand they were becoming scapegoats for Johnson’s inept handling of the crisis.

Easing of the lockdown is a purely political decision.

Boris Johnson

Many of his own party and donors are calling for Johnson to relax social distancing. This isn’t his only reasoning. He has to cover for his, and his governments, mishandling of the crisis. Lockdown should have occurred 2 weeks earlier as was advised by science.

It’s also the ONLY way pubs, cafe’s and restaurants can open and make a profit. 2 metre distancing makes it impossible for these types of business to function. There will be other restrictions I’m sure. Had Johnson kept the 2 metre distancing rule it would cost the Government further billions to help keep hospitality businesses afloat

We can now expect a slew of lockdown easing from the 4th of July. Most of which will more than likely be announced next week (22nd June). The possible second wave will be blamed on the protestors and Johnson and his gang will deflect any wrongdoing. Also why the 4th of July? Isn’t that American Independence Day? Or is it a tribute to BoZo’s overseer Trump? We may never know.

One things for sure, this isn’t about people. It’s about money. Nothing more, nothing less.