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The BIG day.

BoZo will announce later today further easing of the lockdown rules. From the 4th of July museums, cinemas and art galleries will open.

Pubs, restaurants and cafes will also open albeit with restrictions. More than likely we will have to register before entering. Music will also be banned to prevent the spread of the virus. This will include background music.

It’s interesting that these rules won’t affect Wetherspoon’s (one of Johnson’s biggest contributers). Pubs and restaurants may also have to have one way systems, apps for ordering, pre bookings only and screens between tables. The Government also plan to make it easier for pubs, cafes and restaurants to sell alcohol outside their premises. A move the police are objecting to for fear of breaches of the peace and complaints from neighbours of these venues.

We shall see if BoZo bows to pressure.

The big question is will the public be overjoyed or on the whole stay away. Data protection and privacy is going to be an issue. Names and addresses will be gathered when we go to a pub or restaurant. That data will be sent to a central government database for track and trace. After the Brexit scandal, will we be so free to give up our details and movements. Big brother comes to mind.

Unlike Google or Apple tracking on our phones, this will be something we can’t opt out of.

We then come to the Theatres and Entertainment in general across the country. No mention has been made for the return of live entertainment. The reasoning is scientific models show that water vapour from a person’s lungs increase exponentially through singing, and or raised voices in general. This, in turn, increases the spread of the virus.

Andrew Lloyd-Weber was informed by the culture secretary that musical theatre could open but singing would be banned. This is the most ludicrous statement the Government have yet dreamt up. You can imagine Lloyd-Weber’s response. He is currently trying to prove to the Government that live entertainment is in fact extremely safe. But for now we will have to accept outdoor drive-in concerts as the new norm.

The 2 metre social distancing rule is also to be dropped in favour of the ‘1 metre plus’ rule. The use of a mask could be mandatory where 1 metre distance can’t be maintained.

The Sunday trading law review is also set to be abandoned as Tory rebels threaten to defeat it if it ever made the light of day in parliament. This would be a humiliating turn of events for Johnson and he won’t risk that.

Whatever happens later today, be assured that science has very little to do with it. Most of the decisions are now political. Johnson is under pressure from senior Tory members and those of his donors. U-turns seem to be favourite party trick of this government.

More evidence has emerged showing the Government cover up of the true data during the height of the epidemic. Over 1000 people per day died for 22 consecutive days during the height of the pandemic. Sir David King – former government Chief Scientific Officer – said there is a huge discrepancy between government figures and those of the ONS.

Today’s Daily Bullshit (lies at five) will be interesting if nothing else.