Un-Lockdown 2
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BoZo Boris Johnson

Here’s an update to our earlier unlockdown post Bozo appeared from his slumber a lot earlier than was expected.

Overall the unlockdown has been met with positivity. Labour leader, Keir Starmer, agreed that it was right that the Government is easing the lockdown.

The wording used by BoZo, however, left a lot to be desired. Johnson said the latest round of guidelines were now just that, guidelines. They are NOT legislation. This means people don’t have to follow them. But it is suggested that they do.

Pubs can now open

Two-metre distancing is now down to one-metre plus. But only if two-metre distancing can’t be observed.

Pubs can open, as can hotels, restaurants, and cafes. But they also should follow guidelines. These include handwashing, screens, being outside, and limiting time spent with others. Full guidelines are still yet to be published.

Live entertainment in pubs and hotels etc (A full list will be published in the coming days) is not allowed for the time being. This is going to upset those venues who have already started advertising for the 4th of July. And theatres and concert halls can begin operating, but cannot stage live performances. Erm….isn’t that the reason they open? Maybe BoZo knows of another reason.

Two different households can now socialize indoors together providing they follow social distancing. But again, Bozo was eager to point out that this is NOT legislation, these are guidelines.

Hairdressers get ready

Probably the biggest announcement, and the one EVERYONE was hoping for, is Hairdressers can now open. Say goodbye to the 80’s mullet hairstyle.

Nightclubs, indoor gyms, beauty salons, spas, casinos, nail bars, tattoo parlours, massage parlours, soft play areas, swimming pools, bowling alleys, and water parks must all remain closed for the time being.

We’ll post the full guidelines once the Government publishes them but for now, we have to rely on the vague machinations of BoZo.

It seems to me that they are relying heavily on the co-operation of the public. It has been proven that people and common sense don’t mingle.

If it works then it’s back to normal. BUT we only have to look at other countries to know that ‘too quick too soon’ can see it all go tits up. Good Luck everybody.